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MGW Commercial Builders

Short for “Magwell” our idea was simple, and inspired by the classic movie “Jerry Maguire” Guys, don’t act like you don’t like this movie!
After all of us had worked for larger construction firms, we all realized one thing….the bigger the company, the bigger the headaches, the bigger the overhead, and the less personal the relationship was with the client. On top of that, the bigger the company would get, the less competitive the pricing!
One day, I had been thinking about this all day. I came home, turned on the TV, and Jerry Maguire was on. Normally, i would have changed the channel to watch sports, or lumberjacking, or Tombstone, or RoadHouse, or Tango & Cash, or anything more manly….but it was right at the part in the movie where he was talking about exactly what we had all been thinking…smaller company = more personal.

It hit me like a ton of bricks! Or maybe it was a ton of tissues wiping the tears away….no, no, it was bricks. It was time for us to do things smaller, more personal, and better, while at the same time being competitive with our pricing by keeping overhead low!

I thought about the character “Jerry Maguire” and his one client that he chose to form a personal and business bond with, “Rod Tidwell” We all know how that ended!!
From that moment, came “Magwell” A combination, a bond, between Maguire and Tidwell. However, we wanted to shorten the name to make it easier and more memorable, and with that came MGW!
That is the true story….as cheesy as it is!!
Look, were honest, we don’t love commercial construction, but what we do love, is relationships. And we love doing a great job for you, so that your tenant looks at you like a rock star! We love the satisfaction our clients get when we do a great job for them…we should enjoy working with each other, we all have to work to live, but we should have fun too, there’s a million GCs that can do this work, we aren’t putting men in space, but do you enjoy your relationship, are you getting quality work, are you getting good pricing. are you getting the quick response times you want? If not, let us be your “go to” and you can be our “Rod Tidwell” 👍🏻

This Is Us

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.
-Phil Jackson

Ryan Guenthart

Husband/Dad/Trap Shooter/Bad Golfer
Director of Client Relations

Joe Wilshire

Husband/Dad/Beer Coinsurer/Great Golfer
Director of Construction

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